"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." -2 Chronicles 7:14

Why I Support Governor Perry

Why do I support Governor Perry for President in 2012?

There are a number of reasons.  Each person can best choose for theirself who they feel the next President should be, sometimes just based on instinct.  You just know there's something different about this person that qualifies them more than anyone else.  The first time I heard Governor Perry speak, I could tell that there was something different about him.  He seems like a real person, rather than just a politician, when he speaks.  I would support any Republican over President Obama; I really do like some of the other candidates in the race, and many of them are qualified to be our president.  However, I feel that Governor Perry is the most qualified person in the race, and I would be able to campaign for him, rather than just against President Obama.

Governor Perry has his flaws, as do the rest of the candidates in the race.  One thing I do not agree with completely is his stance on illegal immigration.  I know that has turned many people off about him and caused them to look elsewhere; many have gone on to support Herman Cain.  I do not agree with in-state tuition for illegal immigrant children.  It is wrong to make American children from other states pay more for college than someone who is here illegally.  Governor Perry's explanation for it is, that the Texas legislature voted it through, and it has been in place for ten years.  Since immigration is a state issue, this was what he felt was best for Texas.  He has said repeatedly that he would not support a national DREAM Act as president, meaning that illegals would not automatically receive lower college prices.  It is an issue for the states to deal with.  He also says that, if the federal government had secured the border the way they are supposed to, he would never have had to even think about in-state tuition for illegals.  Rather than choose to have taxpayers pay for their welfare, the taxpayers would pay for their education.  This still does not make it right, I'm just giving you his explanation.

I think that is the only thing I do not agree with him on.  His plan for drilling oil is good, and his stance on social and moral issues line up with mine.  He has a proven record of job creation in Texas, that does not have to be argued.  He served in the United States Air Force for five years, flying planes around the world, and retired with the rank of Captain.  Something that really stands out to me, though, is the fact that Governor Perry loves America.  Through his military service, his plans to reform Social Security so the next generation can receive it as well, and just through listening to him speak, I think his love for this country is evident.  We need our next President to be someone who truly loves America, not someone who apologizes for us.  Nor do we need someone who is only looking to further their own political agenda.  Governor Perry has been the governor in Texas for nearly eleven years-- he does not need to further his agenda.  He is running for president because he loves this country.

That is why I support Governor Perry for President in 2012 :)