"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." -2 Chronicles 7:14

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Libyan War

Months ago, our United States troops entered Libya based on orders issued by President Obama.  We have now been there for several months.  Reportedly, Muammar Gaddafi and two of his sons were surrounded by Rebel forces and his forty-two year reign as leader of Libya is over.  The ousted leader is now, reportedly, on the run with his sons.  Rebel forces have taken over the capital of Libya, Tripoli, and say that there are no more Gaddafi-loyal forces inside it. 

Without question, the situation that has been going on in Libya for many months is a civil war.  Half of the country is fighting the other half.  Is there any reason that other countries should be jumping in to help?  I don't think so.  When the United States had a civil war no other countries came over and joined one side or the other.  Yes, they may have voiced support for one side or the other.  They never actually sent their military over to help us. 

Our military has been involved in many wars.  Many of them were wars that other countries were fighting before we ever joined them.  WWII is an example.  We got involved in that war because someone had attacked us first.  European countries were fighting before we even began.  Aside from those circumstances, I see no real reason to put our military in harm's way.  Unless our own security is in danger, our troops should be at home.  I think we have done all we can do in Afghanistan.  I think that, gradually, we need to begin pulling our troops out.  Not all right away.  The process needs to start, though.

Aside from all this, here is an interesting fact you may not know.  Aside from whether you or I agree with President Obama on anything, he could, legally, be impeached right now.  That is not based on my opinion.  That is based on the War Powers Act.  Passed in the 1970s, the War Powers Act requires the president to receive approval from Congress to engage our military in a war.  If he does not, but sends the troops anyway, he must notify them within 48 hours.  It also forbids them from remaining for more than 60 days, the adds a 30 day withdrawal period.  That gives a total of 90 days that U.S. troops can remain in a war that Congress did not approve before they must all be out. 

We have been in Libya for more than 90 days.  Our troops are not in a withdrawal period.  This involvement was not approved by Congress.  They are still fighting with the Rebel forces against Muammar Gaddafi.  Now that he has been "defeated", hopefully our troops will be coming home soon.  That is aside from the point, though.  The point is that there was no reason for them to be in Libya in the first place.  When President Obama handed control of the situation over to NATO on March 31st, he should not have then sent troops in.  He should have left it alone.

When will our president realize that the answer to everything is not spending even more money in the process of helping another country that-- truthfully-- did not need our help.

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