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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Florida Straw Poll Results

Today was the Florida Straw Poll, following the GOP Presidential debate on Thursday night and CPAC FL conference yesterday.  The results of today's poll will come as a shock to many.  They definitely shocked me.

#1:  Herman Cain -- 37%
#2:  Rick Perry -- 15.4%
#3:  Mitt Romney -- 14%
#4:  Rick Santorum -- 11%
#5:  Ron Paul -- 10%
#6:  Newt Gingrich -- 9%
#7:  Jon Huntsman -- 2%
#8:  Michele Bachmann -- 1.5%

When I first saw the results, I could not believe that businessman Herman Cain won the straw poll!  He beat out both of the frontrunners to win it.  He really had a very strong showing at the debate on Thursday night, which I'm sure accounts for a huge amount of the votes he received.  This could really be the push that Mr. Cain needed.  After this, his campaign could take off.  While I do not think he is actually qualified to be president himself, I think he is more than able to lead in some way-- whether in a cabinet position or elsewhere.  This man is a true leader and deserves to be recognized.  America needs his experience and knowledge in business to fix this economy.  He would know what to do.  Not saying the other candidates do not, but it is certain that Mr. Cain would and does.

\The second thing that surprised me, and really, disappointed me, was Gov. Perry's "poor" performance in the straw poll.  He did come in second place, so not a disappointing outcome, so to speak.  The fact that second place was so far behind first just confirms that Thursday night was not Gov. Perry's strongest showing.  Nothing is over.  He has plenty of time to come back and prove to those who are doubting that he is the man for the job.  As someone said, if people want a smooth, eloquent speaker, they will re-elect President Obama.  We need someone with a true record.  The fact that Gov. Perry still came out ahead of Gov. Romney after all the attacks launched at him on Thursday night, assures Gov. Perry's supporters that he is still the "frontrunner." 

The last thing I was surprised by was Michele Bachmann.  Last place?!  After coming in first place in the Iowa Straw Poll, I was definitely expecting a strong finish from Rep. Bachmann.  Not so.  She finished last among the contenders, including behind Rep. Paul and former Gov. Huntsman, who I believe to be unable to win the nomination by any means.

An interesting statement came out from Gov. Perry's national press secretary, Mark Miner, who said, "Debates are part of the process but we are taking our message directly to the people. Mitt Romney has been doing debates and running for president for five and a half years and he comes in third. Must be a devastating loss for him and a morale buster for his campaign in a state like Florida after five and a half years."

Florida is set to be a huge battleground state and is on its way to being the clincher for the general election.  Since 1979, the person who has won the Florida Straw Poll has gone on to win the GOP nomination.  If that record holds true, we could have a real showdown come 2012.  People cannot tout the fact that Mr. Cain has no experience; then-Senator Obama had less than one year of Senate experience before he began his campaign for president.  He had no experience, business or political.  However, I do believe that Gov. Perry has the best chance against President Obama out of the current GOP field.  I think he has the best proven record of job creation.  He has more experience than almost all the other candidates combined.

You'll hear more from me about this showing in Florida.  My internet connection is not very good, but once I get it I will be voicing more of my opinions!

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