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Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a bit on Social Security...

Just a bit, because this will be much, much shorter than my posts normally are :)

I am currently writing a piece for Smart Girl Nation, a national online magazine (which is the reason my posts have been less than normal this week!).  My piece is about Social Security-- its beginning, what it does, and if it is necessary.  I did not know too much about the system before I began writing.  I know now, though, that it really is a very complex system that was designed masterfully in order to still function today.  Yes, the system will default in the future for lack of funding, but the fact that it has survived through the 20th century and into the 21st is truly something remarkable.  I am really rather surprised that it has not been "reformed" before this.  The whole system has some incredible flaws, gaps in thinking, that could and should have been corrected long before this.

Texas governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry has been attacked from both parties for his "Ponzi scheme" comments regarding the Social Security system.  He has been accused of trying to frighten seniors (by Mitt Romney) by stating the system needs reformation.  He has been accused of being insensitive to the needs of seniors.  All of this is untrue.  He is being attacked as though this is the first time anyone has ever used the phrase "Ponzi scheme" in the same sentence as Social Security.  This is also untrue.  It has been used by people from both parties for decades.

Conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh had some interesting things to say about Rick Perry being attacked on his choice of words.  He says that by the rest of the GOP Presidential candidate field attacking him on this, they are literally catering to the liberal media.  He says that all the media wants to do is attack and find fault with Rick Perry in order to help President Obama win reelection.  By going along with the line of attacks that they are, the rest of the Presidential contenders are helping President Obama more than they are helping themselves. 

I could try to sum up everything Mr. Limbaugh said, but I think it would be better if you just take a look for yourself:  http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_091211/content/01125106.guest.html.

Social Security has, in the past few weeks, gone from an almost "undercover operation" that no one discussed or questioned, to now being one of the hottest discussion topics in the country.  The fact that Governor Perry is calling it a Ponzi scheme is adding to that.  This system does need to be reformed.  By continuing in the direction it is headed right now, it will default by 2027, if not sooner.  All the people who have been paying taxes into the system for their entire work lives will lose all of that money.  This is just not right, the choosing of whose money is protected and others' is not. 

The next issue of Smart Girl Nation comes out on September 27th-- you can read my full thoughts there! :)

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